How I got my period back – the 4 areas to focus on

If you watched my last YouTube video, you might know that I finally got my period back and already had two regular cycles.

Why I lost my period

Three years ago, I suddenly lost a lot of weight, had stomach and gut issues and felt tired and sluggish all the time. My acne was at its worst and I had a lot of headaches and stomach pain and chronic diarrhea.

After losing 10kg in one month, looking like an anorexic, being accused of having an eating disorder and seeing a lot of doctors, I finally was diagnosed with chronic gut inflammation. Crohn’s disease and IBS-D. I had to deal with malabsorption and my body wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed. Food passed my body literally without being used. At the same time, I was also taking the pill due to my acne and migraine.

After my diagnose and working with a Chinese medicine practicioner, I also got off the pill and didn’t get my period afterwards. Losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time, having severe health issues and school stressed my body that much that I very likely lost my period. My amenorrhea was probably caused by a lot of things that came together at that time of my life. Taking the pill just masked this problem and might have even contributed to my amenorrhea.

Why you need to get your period back

In those last three years I tried a lot of things but especially the last year I started to focus on overall health, well-being, gut and hormonal health. I realized how important it is to get my period and wanted to get it back.

Girls, not getting your period is a serious health issue!

Amenorrhea can increase your risk for Infertility, Osteoporosis (Reduced bone density), Endometrial Cancer, Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and Heart Attack.

And apart from that, it also affects your overall well-being. You very likely suffer from low energy and low sex drive, skin problems like acne, hair loss and weak nails.

Reason enough to do something about it!

How I finally restored my period

Getting our period back isn’t going to happen over night. I focused on overall well-being and improved 4 areas of my health.

In my opinion, those are the 4 key areas to focus on to get your period back.

Refeeding your body and supporting it with your diet

Food is medicine. Nutrition is one of the first things you should have a look at when you want to recover from amenorrhea. Eating enough to support your activity levels and even eating more than that to provide your body with enough energy to restore any damage you have done and especially, if you lost your period due to under-eating, your body has a lot to catch up on. Nourish your body with the right amount and types of food and nutrients to make sure it gets everything it needs and feels save!

Taking rest

With making sure to get enough rest, I do not only meant that you should take time off the gym or have activity breaks. Getting enough sleep is crucial for your body to heal, recover and relax. Also make sure to find enough time for yourself to come down in daily life!

Relaxing and reducing stress

But not only rest is essential. Being stressed all the time is one of the number one reasons why your hormones get out of whack. Reduce stress around food, exercise, your body, and life in general.

Repairing and healing your body

Sometimes amenorrhea is also a sign for an underlying health issue that causes stress on your body. Diving deeper into functional treatments for gut, thyroid, adrenal, and immune health might be worth a try.

If you prefer watching over reading, make sure to watch my YouTube video below. 

And always remember: patience and consistency is the key!

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