How I got my period back – supplements

A question I get asked very frequently is whether I took any supplements to get my periods back and if there are some that can help with amenorrhea recover.

So here it is: my supplement list based on recommendations of my endocrinologist and naturopath.


I already talked about the benefits of maca in a video and a blog post before and had a look at research to discuss whether it is a helpful supplement to restore your period. 
I love the energizing effect maca powder has on me and if it has had some beneficial effects on me getting my period back , then I would consider this as a positive side effect.

Dong quai tea

Dong quai has no specific hormonal action. It has a positive impact on the liver and endocrine system and can help with normalizing your hormonal production. It promotes blood flow to the pelvis where it helps support the body to bring back an absent period.  In addition to this, don quai also helps lowering stress by calming and relaxing the nervous system.


My naturopath also prescribed me a vitex extract. Vitex itself doesn’t contain any hormones but it supports healthy hormone levels and normalizes ovulation.

Flax seed

I also incorporated 10g of flax seed daily. Flax seed has scientifically been shown to decrease the levels of stress hormones and to have positive effects on the follicular phase and ovulation.

Essential fatty acids

EFA’s are important for hormone production. I just included foods rich in EFA’s like flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon, sardines, halibut, shrimp, snapper, scallops, chia seeds and cod liver oil. But there are also different capsules and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid supplements out there.

Vitamin D

As amenorrhea often comes with low estrogen, my doctor also told me to supplement vitamin D and include it into my diet. Low estrogen levels may also affect vitamin D’s ability to facilitate calcium absorption, which can lead to bone loss. In worst case this can end in osteoporosis and increased fracture risk. Basically, I took a vitamin D supplement daily and made sure to eat a lot of foods rich in it like fish and eggs.

Apart from those, I also implemented collagen and l-carnitin into my supplement regime but more about the benefits of those in separate posts and videos because I want to go more into depth with those and explain the science behind them.

Those are just the natural supplements I took after talking with my naturopath and my endocrinologist and that might have helped me to get my period back.

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