Paleo vegan matcha smoothie bowl – my favorite matcha powder

smoothie bowl

If you are thinking about investing in a matcha powder, I can totally recommend you to give this one a try: Greenic Matcha Fresh Superfood Trinkpulver Mischung, 1er Pack (1 x 80 g) As I know that I have quite a lot German followers, I decided to post recipes in English and German to make it easier for you to …

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Paleo sweet potato brownies

The biggest challenge when deciding to try out a paleo diet has been breakfast. As a hardcore oatmeal lover I couldn’t imagine eating sweet potatoe, eggs and avocado for breakfast. I have to admit that even though I’m not that strict paleo and completely cut out oats, I still like to have brownies to start my day. If it is …

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Vegan peach tarte

Well, Lara from vanillacrunnch is definitely not the one. Knowing her deep desire for peaches, I created this very easy vegan peach tarte to thank her for her amazing daily vegan food inspiration on Instagram. Whether you are vegan or not – check out her Instagram Account and her blog for some truly amazing recipes! You won’t be missing anything, …

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