CrossFit athlete, Mom with a home gym, fitness newbie, passionate runner, weightlifter, vegan yogi – everyone is unique and has different needs.

I can help you to find the „perfect“ diet for your body and lifestyle.

Let me teach you how to decode your body and use nutrition as a tool to improve health, well-being, performance and reach your physique goals!

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About me

I’ve always been into health and fitness since a young age.

Doing different sports made me realize how important nutrition is and how it can improve performance and well-being in daily life and in training.

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As a passionate cook, I love spending time in the kitchen to create sweet and savory recipe that can be adjusted to your dietary needs. Whether you are vegan, paleo, keto, on a diet or looking to improve your health & performance through diet – my recipe collection offers delicious recipes for everyone!

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On my blog you can find informational content regarding nutrition and fitness but also  posts in which I share my knowledge and  personal experiences.

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