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„What the heck is that girl doing?” Well, yeah… trying to be a blogger. Okay, I know that there are more blogs out there than dime a dozen. But I am not doing this because I want to be a blogger. I am doing this because I love the art of creating content and because I want to share my passion for things. Why not showing other people who have the same interests what I do? I’ll display my honest opinion on different topics and share my love for healthy intolerance-friendly food, fitness and style related topics here on black chili moon.
But one thing after the other.

“Who are you?” Good question –
let’s get started with that one. My name is Sabrina, I’m 19 years old and from Austria. Currently, I live in Munich, Germany, to study communication and economy. “Why English then?” I love this language. More than I like German, admittedly. I’d love to live in an English-speaking country once in my life. Of course, my English is not perfect and I am going to make mistakes. Now you have two options: sticking with my (and correcting mistakes) or leaving – because there are a lot of other blogs out there.

As I had to face very poor gut health two years ago, thanks to a lot of food intolerances, you’ll find a lot of recipes here – but not normal ones. I try to incorporate paleo, vegan and vegetarian recipes – all of them sugar free and mostly gluten free. If you are interested in my health story, I’ll do a specific post about it – just let me know!

Apart from cooking and baking, I love to push myself to the limits by working out. It helps me to free my mind and I enjoy being challenged. Please notice that I am not a personal trainer or professional in this field (but I’d love to get one one day)! I will share my workouts and opinion about fitness related topics but always keep in mind that that is just what I do and my personal experience.

But I am not only food and fitness. My life consists of so much more, I am going to show you. I love fashion and creating outfits, playing around with makeup, trying out new products, photography and last but not least, I love to get to know people. That’s something I want to do on black chili moon, as well. Interviewing people and sharing their stories, opinions and advice with you, guys.

I’ll end my first post here because I think you will discover my personality over time and I simply can’t write my whole life story here… If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I’d love if you contact me and get in touch!

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