Homemade coconut yoghurt – rhubarb edition

rhubarb yoghurt mousse

Who doesn’t like creamy and thick yoghurt? I’ve been quite a greek yoghurt and curd addict my whole life and quitting dairy and eating paleo based made me miss this part of my late night snack. A even more tasty alternative, I fell in love immediately, is coconut yoghurt. As it is quite expensive and I love to experiment in …

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Talk with a marathon runner – David Hammer


To start of my „talk with“ series, I want to introduce you to a very inspirational young man. David Hammer is a 17 year old marathon runner. He is champion in his state (Vorarlberg, Austria) and vice champion of Austria. Currently, he is still going to school studying mechanical engineering. To be able to run at international meetings, I need …

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Vanilla chocolate carob muffins – paleo and vegan

vanilla chocolate carob muffins

Looking for a vegan and paleo breakfast or dessert? Loving chocolate, banana and almonds? Then you definitely have to give these muffins a go! I love the combination of almond flour which tastes like marzipan and bitter raw chocolate and carob which reminds me of caramel. Adding an overripe banana not only safes you an egg and makes these muffins …

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Chocolate orange almond crunch ice cream – paleo and vegan

Chocolate and orange, again. But this time in form of ice cream not cake! – I guess now you know what my favorite taste combination is… Temperatures are rising and for people like me who hate the heat, Summer is not the favorite season of the year. So I thought why not making myself feel better and forget about the …

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