Health benefits of collagen

If I had to choose one supplement, then I would always chose Collagen. For me it is the number one supplement everyone should consider to take for overall health!

I have been using it for years for my gut issues, skin problems and hormonal imbalances and it has never disappointed me.

I get my Collagen daily from either collagen protein*, bone broth or gelatin*. I love adding collagen protein to my shakes and make my delicious protein mousse with gelatin.

Collagen has so many health benefits to offer and I can not recommend it enough.


Collagen is very important to for a healthy gut. It helps with repairing damaged gut lining, and forming connective tissues that prevent leaky gut syndrome which is known for causing inflammatory diseases.

Studies have shown a connection between inflammatory bowel disease and low levels of collagen in the body. And a study showed that collagen supplements healed ulcers 200 percent faster.

Because collagen reduces inflammation, repairs the gut lining, and improves water absorption, it’s a good idea to add collagen to your diet to support healthy digestion.


Collagen is a great source of all the amino acids like arginine, glutamine or proline your body needs to balance hormones. Collagen also encourages healthy thyroid function and it can help to reduce stress. Moreover, collagen helps to balance other hormones like insulin and growth hormone.


Due to its high glycine content collagen is great to add to any sleep tonic. Taking glycine before bed helps to improves quality of sleep, while reducing daytime sleepiness and at the same time improving memory and performance throughout the day.


Collagen is also well-known for making your joints more resilient to injury and pain. Studies have shown that collagen increases joint cartilage density, reduces joint pain, and can improve the flexibility of your joints.


Collagen is also the supplement to improve your recovery time, especially when you are injured. Collagen in your body is the primary protein that helps with healing everything from small cuts or scrapes to torn tendons.

Collagen covers and protects the damaged tissue as it heals fights off bacteria to keep the healing process from getting infected.


A more beauty related benefit of collagen is that taking collagen can noticeable strengthen your nails and hair and will make it grow rapidly.

Collagen is an important factor in maintaining smooth, wrinkle-free skin as it supports the top layer of your skin. When collagen levels begin to decline with age or bad habits, the supportive collagen layer breaks down and begins to sag.

A double-blind study found that women who took collagen supplements for 60 days had a 20 percent reduction in their wrinkles.

By adding collagen to your diet, you may notice smoother skin not just in your face but in cellulite troubled areas as well.


As collagen supplements are packed with protein, they can help to curb appetite and to feel fuller for longer.

Collagen is also high in glycine, which is known for its role in converting glucose into energy that supports lean muscle growth. Lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism and can lead to weight loss.

Other amino acids found in collagen that boost metabolism include arginine and glutamine. Glutamine is known for its ability to increase energy levels and resistance to fat storage.


Studies have shown that collagen helps your body fight bone loss while preserving the existing bone structure. It can slow osteoporosis down and stimulate your body’s natural collagen production.


Due to its high levels of glycine, proline, and arginine, collagen offers protection from injuries, boosts lean muscle growth, and reduces inflammation, which speeds up recovery times. Especially hard working athletes should consider implanting collagen in their routine.

But this muscle building and repairing effect is also beneficial for everyone else and also support elderly people who naturally lose collagen due to aging.


The glycine found in collagen has strong liver detoxification properties and speeds up the recovery of the liver from alcohol induced injury.


Glycine is a powerful mood balancing amino acid found in high quantities in collagen. Studies have found that glycine reduces stress, anxiety, and improves overall mood.


Lysine and proline are two amino acids found in collagen that strengthen blood vessels and your heart, preventing cardiovascular disease. Lysine helps stop and reduce plaster buildup in the arteries. While proline repairs artery tissues, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, and prevents the hardening of arteries.

Definitely make sure to check out collagen – I can just honestly recommend it from my heart as it helped me so much with overall health.

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