Banana bread muffins

Banana bread muffins

5 ingredients and 25 minutes later your entire flats smells like a banana plantation. I love how simple and easy this recipe is to make and you don't even need any fancy ingredients. I used vegan banana-caramel-protein powder* but you can totally sub that for almond flour or ground almonds. And if you don't want to use just an egg ...
Chocolate maca protein waffles - paleo

Chocolate maca protein waffles – paleo

Sunday breakfast calls for waffles - and my favorite taste combo is still chocolate and caramel. These chocolate maca protein waffles are one of my favorite ways to enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning. For toppings I mostly use some sort of yoghurt (this time cashew vanilla), fresh or frozen fruit and either some chocolate drizzle or some sort of syrup ...
Marzipan orange cookies - paleo & vegan

Marzipan orange cookies – paleo & vegan

Christmas is coming and I am seriously in baking mood for the first time for the last couple of years. Favorites so far are those marzipan orange cookies or crescents. High protein and lower carb and fat -not what you normally expect from Christmas cookies... but those are so delicious - probably cause I am a huge marzipan lover. Marzipan ...
Lemon Pie Cookies - paleo

Lemon Pie Cookies – paleo

If you already couldn't get enough of my lemon orange tart, then these lemon pie cookies are for you! The cookies only require 4 ingredients, are paleo and vegan and easy to make. Filling them with lemon curd gives you the illusion of having a lemon tart but don't worry - if you don't like lemons, then just add fill ...
Chocolate raspberry donut sandwich - paleo

Chocolate raspberry donut sandwich – paleo

The good old jelly sandwich - as a kid I was obsessed with raspberry jam on my toast or sandwich... so I thought why not create a recipe with a twist. Here you go with chocolate raspberry donut sandwiches. I personally love the combination of chocolate and berries and for me this recipe is perfect to start the day. You ...
Balsamic thyme ketchup - paleo & vegan

Balsamic thyme ketchup – paleo & vegan

Sometimes the small things are what makes a dish unique and tasty. Dressings, dips, herbs, spices... they can turn a boring or plain meal into a flavorful one! We all love homemade potato fries, right!? But the best thing about having potato fries is dipping them in ketchup. This balsamic thyme ketchup is a healthy alternative to your usual plain ...
Pumpkin maca waffles - paleo

Pumpkin maca waffles – paleo

It's waffle time! Fall calls for more pumpkin recipes, so here you go with those paleo pumpkin maca waffles. The combination of slightly sweet pumpkin and caramelly maca goes perfectly along together. I topped my waffles with even more maca: just mixed almond yoghurt with a tsp maca, a pinch of cinnamon and some stevia. And of course some fresh ...
Pumpkin rosemary muffins - paleo

Pumpkin rosemary muffins – paleo

Savory snacking and breakfast is boring? Not with those delicious pumpkin rosemary muffins!

I am trying to create more savory recipes at the moment cause I started baking sweet things and snacking on muffin and cake daily the last couple of weeks. Especially in autumn, there are so many amazing veggies and fruit that you can use for savory ...